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Magneto is upgrading its platform to make it more b2b friendly. While the company is already one of the most widely used B2B eCommerce platforms, this should keep ahead of new upstart competitors.

Here is the Press Release From Magento

Magento Commerce, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation, today announced powerful out-of-the-box business intelligence capabilities to meet the demands of B2B companies seeking to connect their commerce and revenue performance.

Magento Business Intelligence for B2B provides integrated, easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools that enable B2B companies to enable strategic data-driven decision making.

“The perennial challenge for any company is to quickly and efficiently extract actionable insights from their data. Complex integration requirements, the result of high volumes of data that span commerce, sales, marketing, finance, customer interactions, and other sources, have left many B2B companies behind the curve,” said Bob Moore, head of Magento Business Intelligence.

“Magento Business Intelligence for B2B closes the gap and empowers branded manufacturers and distributors with the insights they need to deliver great customer experiences and drive business growth.”

Magento Business Intelligence for B2B offers new reports, dashboards, and data analytics that are purpose-built for the needs of B2B merchants. These features add a rich layer of functionality to an already robust reporting system, enabling B2B merchants to analyze and act on data quicker than ever before.

The launch of Magento Business Intelligence for B2B includes four new B2B-specific dashboards:

  • Companies – Evaluate customer health through a snapshot of customer lifetime value, time since last order, and credit balance data.
  • Quotes – Track quoted business performance with reports showing conversion rates, average discounts, and median negotiation time.
  • Sales Representatives – Understand sales team performance with metrics including quote to order rates, median time to close, and unfulfilled quotes.
  • Catalogs – Analyze product revenue, products ordered, and bestsellers by catalog.

“Our customers need a robust, easy-to-use tool for generating reports and unlocking business insights,” said Aaron Sheehan, lead consultant at Classy Llama. “With Magento Business Intelligence, anyone in the company can generate a report in minutes, without requiring custom development.

Because the tool has full access to Magento’s native data, it’s easy to grasp the full picture of performance across the enterprise. B2B is often complicated, and Magento BI makes it considerably easier to understand.”

Magento Business Intelligence for B2B is available today. For more information, please visit our website.

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