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Magento Commerce Now Offers AI-Powered Product Recommendations at No Additional Cost

As millions of consumers are now stuck at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19) Stay at Home order, shopping behavior has changed dramatically.

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In the second half of March, online orders for everyday household items jumped by over 200 percent, leading to empty warehouse shelves for sanitizers and many household products.

Yet, despite the difficulty for consumers to purchase some high-demand items online, as the Stay at Home orders continue, more consumers are finding plenty of other products to buy.

Combine this with rising inventory levels on high-demand products, consumers in mass are shifting to even more online buying than ever before.

While the rise of online shopping is not news, holiday season numbers keep increasing in huge numbers, relying on online shopping for daily essentials is new to many.

Items consumers would purchase on their weekly visit to the mega-mart or grocery store, are ending up in online shopping carts instead.

But one main disadvantage of online shopping is that consumers are more focused on finding specific products or brands.

Many online platforms offer simple “recommended” items as part of their product listing, searches, or on checkout pages. But usually, they are driven by “dumb” technology that may offer up random items by tags or popularity.

Magento Commerce Brings AI-Powered Recommendations to Consumers

Today, Adobe is announcing that Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei – its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology – is now available to Magento Commerce merchants globally.

Online merchants can now deploy automated and intelligent product recommendations across their storefronts, helping their customers discover relevant products throughout the shopping journey.

This AI-powered retail-style experience improves engagement which increases conversion and drives revenue.

Previously, effective leveraging of AI for product recommendations has been cost and resource prohibitive for many small business merchants.

With this release, Magento Commerce merchants can easily automate product recommendations to deliver a consumer-friendly ecommerce experience.

The extension is now available from the Magento Marketplace at no additional cost and is compatible with Magento Commerce 2.3 and up.


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