Magento Commerce Product Recommendations

Magento Commerce announced it has integrated the Product Recommendations feature with Page Builder, its content creation tool.

As a result, Magento Commerce merchants can now seamlessly drag-and-drop product recommendation units – powered by Adobe’s AI/machine learning engine, Sensei – on any position within their ecommerce store content that’s being created by Page Builder.

This includes being able to show specific recommendation types for various customer segments by using “dynamic blocks” within Page Builder.

The Page Builder extension removes the need for coding with HTML or CSS and puts content creation into an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

“Since we made the [Page Builder] extension available in the Magento Marketplace, we’ve seen over 250 downloads, which means more businesses, both big and small, are now harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to drive effective growth,” said John Stockton,
Senior Director, Product, Adobe.

Page Builder Key Benefits

  • Drag and drop functionality makes it simple and intuitive to place product recommendations in any position within the content being edited via Page Builder.
  • Merchants can now easily add recommendation units to multiple content types including pages, blocks, dynamic blocks and individual fields.
  • Merchants can now target recommendations to specific customers by assigning dynamic blocks to various consumer segments. For example, an online retailer can take advantage of dynamic blocks to show a more personalized selection of recommended products for their most loyal customer as opposed to a casual shopper who may be new to the site and well-suited for a distinct set of recommendations.
  • With Page Builder, merchants can deploy specific recommendations to individual product pages instead of across all product pages.
  • Merchants can customize recommendation units within Page Builder to match their brand, including adding borders, colors, and custom headings.

Page Builder is available for Magento Commerce merchants on versions 2.3.0 and higher.

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