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Intuit Mailchimp Launches Campaign Manager


Intuit Mailchimp is launching Campaign Manager, a new way for marketers to plan, execute, and track their marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

What you need to know: Campaign Manager enables marketers to track email, text messaging, social media ads, and direct mail campaigns in one calendar view.

With Campaign Manager, a Mailchimp customer can bring all of their marketing activity happening within a designated period into the same space in a way that can help marketers track what’s happening, plan ahead, and make adjustments along the way.

Marketers who are building omnichannel experiences are likely to be building these experiences using, on average, 7 marketing tech (martech) tools that manage marketing tactics like SMS, social ads, loyalty programs, customer support interactions, and more.

Campaign Manager enables users to see all associated campaign activities at a glance—like special events, limited-time promotions, holiday activations, seasonal campaigns, and more—and gives recommendations on the best days to plan marketing touchpoints based on industry benchmarks. These recommendations are generated from millions of data points analyzed by Mailchimp.

What they said: “Omni-channel experiences are critical for marketing to modern consumers, and our marketer customers have shared the recurring pain of creating and managing these experiences across channels and tools,” said Jon Fasoli, Chief Product and Design Officer at Intuit Mailchimp.

“We designed Campaign Manager to give them a single tool to plan, automate and analyze their campaigns across channels and marketing tools.”

SMS and More With Webhooks

Marketers and small business owners can now trigger actions in their third-party apps using webhooks — a custom HTTP callback that is triggered by an event — in Campaign Manager for even more robust multichannel campaign planning.

Setting up webhooks in Campaign Manager can help marketers work more efficiently by allowing them to update a spreadsheet, send a status update to customers, or add customers to paid social media ads. 

Marketers can connect with their third-party SMS provider and then use webhooks to send campaigns, like sharing a holiday coupon code through a text message.

Key Features of Mailchimp Campaign Manager

  • Campaign setup: Set your objective, so you can track performance against your overarching goal
  • Campaign Calendar: Access a single source of truth to see all individual activities associated with your campaign, including marketing touchpoints, tasks to complete, and important milestone dates
  • Multichannel Marketing: Create individual marketing touchpoints associated with the campaign, starting with Mailchimp’s email tool. And expand your campaigns to multiple channels with webhooks, allowing you to schedule activities in third-party apps for text messaging/SMS, ads, social media, direct mail, and more — all set up and managed from the same campaign calendar.
  • Recommendations: As you schedule new marketing touchpoints, Mailchimp will suggest the best dates during your campaign period to send your individual emails based on AI modeling of your industry and outcomes from millions of other emails sent in Mailchimp.
  • Analytics: View holistic analytics for your campaign, taking into account your campaign objectives. Understand in aggregate how your campaign is performing, and view the impact that individual touchpoints are having on your goals to understand your best-performing marketing. Customize your view to prioritize the metrics that matter most to your business.

Campaign Manager will be available to Mailchimp customers with Standard and Premium plans worldwide on January 25th. Intuit acquired Mailchimp in 2021.

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