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MailChimp releases new tools for online retailers

MailChimp released new tools to benefit online retailer’s marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at the new features and how they can help your eCommerce business.


For every email campaign, Mailchimp creates a browser-friendly campaign page. The purpose of the campaign page is for you to make it easy to share the page across the web to non-subscribers.

Mailchimp now allows you to customize the campaign page URL.

A customized URL will make your links more recognizable. This improvement helps your audience know what to expect when they click on your link.

The new campaign URLs will look like this

On free accounts, the identifier will be a string of auto-generated numbers and letters. Paid accounts will have the option to change the identifier to their domain name.

The email-subject element populates from your email subject. But all users will have the option to customize that part of the URL.


MailChimp’s content manager stores files and images you upload for your email campaigns.

Now when you edit a file in MyFiles section, the content manager will keep previous files. Updated files will display along with earlier versions in the Detail View.

The new Products section automatically pulls in product images from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, or other API v3.0 connected stores.

You can also edit your imported product images in the content manager. Changes to images are only made for use in MailChimp and do not impact your online store.

Moreover, the content manager has a new Giphy section. You will now be able to search for animated GIFs directly in MailChimp to include in your emails.

Animated GIFs are great attention getters. For maximum impact, MailChimp offers them for many occasions and business purposes.


Different businesses and occasions need different email templates. Mailchimp has now updated its template selection screen to make it easier to find the perfect template.

The new intent-based feature guides you through the template creating process with advice and content suggestions.

Customized email templates are now a snap to create.


MailChimp always offered powerful automation features to its paid customers. Starting now, even free accounts will have access to these same features.

If you have a free account, now you can enhance your mailing list management with powerful tools like this:

  • Build Your Brand with Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Engage with your new subscribers with a warm welcome or other onboarding email series
  • Connect your eCommerce store and create abandoned shopping cart emails, customize order notifications, follow up on purchases, or email personalized product recommendations.
  • Boost loyalty with rewards or discounts based on your customer’s shopping behavior.

More free automation tools are available from MailChimp. To learn how to set up these marketing tools, check out MailChimp’s getting started guide.


There is lots to like in this update, and it benefits eCommerce retailers the most. Best of all, the new features are available in the free plan with some advanced options reserved for paid plans.

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