Mailchimp and Square have teamed up to offer shoppable landing pages to improve sales conversion on email marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp is a leading email marketing and mailing list management platform and Square is the popular payment processor used by many small off- and online businesses.

The new features piggybacks on Mailchimp’s Landing Pages which have been around for years by adding an immediate eCommerce function to enable instant purchases.

While many eCommerce companies use Mailchimp to direct links to pages on their site, this new feature will make it easier to run special promotions or allow offline business to market a simple eCommerce purchase option.

Single Products Only

Because only single products can be offered on a landing page, there is no complicated shopping cart feature to set up.

The benefit is a fast checkout flow, but Mailchimp does plan to expand this feature over time to provide more options.

For small business owners interested to learn more about these shoppable landing pages from Mailchimp, check out their blog post here.

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