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Market Opportunity Seen In Chinese Men’s Grooming

Typically, when it comes to beauty and grooming women are almost always the target market. Though there are men’s grooming products, it is a smaller market than women. In China though, men’s grooming is becoming big.

Chinese men are overlooked when it comes to grooming products. Traditionally, men are thought to be not a big market when it comes to such products. However, this is changing as more men are becoming conscious with how they look.

Young Males Lead The Way In Men’s Grooming

Surveys have shown that Chinese men have on average been spending at least 24 minutes a day grooming. This is a rather long time for men, and is seen as an improvement as compared to a decade ago.

With Chinese men spending more time grooming, this could open new opportunities for grooming products for men.

Skin care as well as beauty products could be made that would target the male market. In general, this market has only been an afterthought in the beauty and skin care industry, though more men are more conscious now about their looks than ever before. This is especially true for younger males.

The annual growth for the male market in the beauty and skin care industry in China has been around 10 to 15 percent. This has been noted by Li Jun, the Marketing Director of Shanghai Jahwa.

This is despite the slowdown of the industry as a whole in China. Most who are into beauty and skin care are between 20 to 30 years old.

The Chinese beauty and skin care market has seen popular brands come in over the years. L’Oreal Men has been around, as well as Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clarins.

While marketing efforts towards males have been around, the efforts are still far less than those done for the female market. With an average growth expected to be around 13.5 percent, the Chinese market could very well be a big one for male skin care and beauty products.

The opportunity is certainly there to target the growing male grooming market.

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