Miva and Signifyd Partnership

Miva Partners with Signifyd to Help Online Sellers Prevent Fraud

Miva, Inc., ecommerce software and service provider for mid-size and enterprise merchants for 21 years, and Signifyd, which empowers fearless commerce by protecting merchants from fraud and consumer abuse, announced that they have partnered to help online merchants deliver a frictionless purchase experience without fear of fraud.

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This partnership represents a commitment to stability, cohesive solutions, and consistent support for Miva merchant clients.

The Signifyd module offers Miva customers access to Signifyd’s suite of commerce protection features from within the Miva platform, including:

  • Guaranteed Fraud Protection
  • INR Protection against item-not-received claims
  • Chargeback Recovery
  • Seamless SCA to meet Europe’s new PSD2 requirements

“No question Miva is passionate about enabling online merchants to provide an exquisite customer experience while accommodating an innovative tech stack that fuels modern marketing and order management. We’re incredibly pleased to support that frictionless experience by protecting Miva customers from fraud and customer abuse without erecting conversion-crushing barriers to commerce.”


Stefan Nandzik, Signifyd VP of Product and Brand Marketing

“Online fraud is on the rise,” ads Brennan Heyde, VP of Product at Miva. “By partnering with great solutions like Signifyd, Miva is able to offer our merchants new opportunities to grow their business.”

Do you use Miva, and what do you think about this partnership between Miva and Signifyd?

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