, a leading computer vision startup for sales bots, has recently released its latest platform that will help eCommerce merchants program their very own Facebook Messenger sales or chatbot.

According to BBN Times, chatbots are considered as one of the preeminent technologies that will rise in 2018. Since the increasing popularity started a few years ago, over a dozen bot platforms have come to the market.

However,’s platform creates bots that have both visual and text capabilities, trained from millions of images from online retailers. This sets their technology apart from everyone else.

Just as eBay’s Image Search, a shopper can take an image and the bot will find products within the seller’s eCommerce store. This is powerful technology brought to every size eCommerce seller because it utilizes the cloud processing and infrastructure managed by

Another interesting twist is that since many SMEs do not have a large inventory of items in their store, a future solution is that will develop a cross-platform revenue sharing model, allowing shoppers to find products on different eCommerce stores.

“The example I like to give is we’re powering a bot for the t-shirt company that doesn’t sell anything but t-shirts, but another company sells the pants or the jeans… They could promote each other’s items within their own bots.” CBO Karen Ouk told VentureBeat in a phone interview

How Does a Chatbot Work?

A chatbot is a piece of software (extension or plugin) that lets its users interact with a cloud based AI program that answers all their product-related questions. It resembles a human-like interaction and can understand the user’s question and respond appropriately rather than pre-configured responses. produced a simple video for their chatbot to understand the power of the platform they have created.

According to Oracle, at least 65 percent of people would rather message a merchant than call them. And chatbots can answer many pre-sale questions before human intervention is necessary.

They can also generate immediate feedback from customers instead of hoping the buyer will eventually fill out a customer comment survey.

Simply configuring a chatbot to record and analyze frequently asked questions can provide valuable insight for the merchant on improving images, product details, and supporting documents.

Do you currently use chatbots or are you researching their use for your store? We’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic in the comments section below.

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  1. Chatbots as a concept is going to evolve and become meaningful. They will create more opportunities for new companies to explode from nothing into prominence. They will create many new business strategy opportunities. In my opinion, they will play a large role in online business but not every role.

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