Mulberry Square Integration

Mulberry Partners with Square to Bring Consumer Protection Services to Small Business Sellers


Mulberry, a provider of consumer product protection services, released a new app in the Square app marketplace that is available for all retailers using the Square point-of-sale and payment processing platform. 

Square sellers can download the Mulberry app and start offering product protection to their customers with a single click. It’s the first-ever product protection service to be fully integrated into Square.

Mulberry plans cover a wide range of products, from appliances and electronics to furniture and bedding.

Coverage can include long-term protection against manufacturer defects as well as assurance that your product will be repaired or replaced in the event of spills, drops, rips, stains, and other accidents. 

Product protection programs have been offered for years by large big-box retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.

These programs were popular with shoppers and highly profitable for retailers, but mostly inaccessible to smaller businesses due to various legal, operational, and technical hurdles. 

The new Mulberry app removes those hurdles for Square businesses that now can offer their customers peace of mind and drive additional revenue with a quick and easy integration.

Even non-developers can install the app within minutes. This enables retailers to automatically email product protection offers to their customers after checkout.

Legacy product protection platforms require businesses to map each product to an appropriate protection plan, but Mulberry’s machine learning technology handles this in real-time.

The proprietary technology automatically identifies which products can be covered and displays relevant protection plans, saving Square sellers from managing expensive, high-maintenance product catalogs and ERP integrations. 

“When done right, product protection programs give people peace of mind to shop confidently. Mulberry is thrilled to be bringing our shopper-friendly product protection programs to the Square ecosystem with a seamless integration process for sellers.”

Chinedu Eleanya, CEO of Mulberry

Mulberry Takes Care of All Claims

Square sellers who download the Mulberry app won’t have to handle customer support either.

Customers who purchase a Mulberry protection plan will be served by Mulberry’s top-rated customer service team. Filing claims is easy for customers through Mulberry’s digital claims portal and its automated claims process.

Square sellers can find the Mulberry app within the Square app marketplace.

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