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Today the 4th February is ‘National Thank a Mail Carrier Day‘. Throughout 2020 USPS was challenged in a way that it has not experienced in recent history.

This was due to a whole host of reasons, such as the massive increase in volume due to Coronavirus and more people shopping online, less workers available to work due to Covid-19 illness and lockdowns, Government cuts to the postal service, and of course the challenging weather in certain parts of the country.

At eSellerCafe some of most popular posts throughout the year have been these incredibly detailed shipping updates that Richard has meticulously been putting together and keeping up to date, highlighting the challenges faced nationally.

Whilst our job here is to keep you up to date with the latest news in the world of eCommerce in as fair and unbiased way that we can, we never want to point the finger of blame unnecessarily, which we are aware can fall on the shoulders of the individual mail carriers themselves.

Which is why today we want to draw attention to National Thank A Mail Carrier Day. Throughout the pandemic there have been thousands of dedicated mail men and women who have steadily turned up to do their jobs in circumstances that many wouldn’t have and that they contractually never agreed to.

These same mail carriers who have been doing their best in some of the most challenging times that any eCommerce or logistics business has ever experienced, and whilst they were doing their best, they were ignored or even scrutinised for their efforts.

Whilst as an eCommerce business owner it is clear that who we select as our logistics partners become an extension of our business and can leave us open to negative feedback or bad reviews if things don’t go to plan, there still has to be a clear understanding that nobody was fully prepared for what 2020 had in store. Including your mail carrier.

Leaving the Politics and business processes out of the argument for now, I think we can all find some compassion and understanding for mail carriers around the country, who have been doing their best to ensure letters and packages get delivered and that they, like us, are all cogs in a much larger machine.

So today we would love it if you reading this, found a way to thank your mail carrier. To let them know that whatever frustrations you may have had or continue to have are not directed at them, and to thank them for their continued hard work and dedication in the most challenging times they have ever faced.

Whilst for many the service levels and reliability have not been optimal, neither have the circumstances, and together, collectively we have all been doing the best we can, with what we have.

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