New eBay Authenticate Program Weeds Out Fakes


Selling luxury brands on eBay is a big challenge to sellers in this category because people are aware of the proliferation of fake products online.

That problem is about to go away as eBay will soon roll out a new program called eBay Authenticate which makes sure that customers get their money’s worth while sellers acquire top Dollar for their goods.

eBay sellers who sell high-end products will sure want to avail themselves of this program to inspire confidence and trust in their customers, and eventually increase their profit margin.

Sellers can opt in to the authentication program for a fee, depending on the type of product that they are going to list.

Once the product is purchased, it will be reviewed by a professional authenticator and then shipped to the buyer if it passes the authentication standards.

If a buyer discovers that the item shipped is fake, despite having passed the inspection, they will be refunded twice the amount that they paid.

A buyer who buys an item on an eBay listing, which is not covered by eBay Authenticate, can still use the service by shouldering the fee themselve.

Though it’s designed for all sellers on the eBay marketplace, eBay Authenticate is initially targeted at sellers of high value items.

Do you sell high value items and do you think this will help you overcome the sellers of fakes that are infiltrating your business?

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