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eBay is introducing a low cost way for sellers to securely ship trading cards sold on its marketplace platform. Beginning January 2021, the new shipping service, eBay standard envelope, allows sellers in the US to print labels and ship trading cards priced $20 and under and up to 3 oz., in an envelope with tracking included, for less than $1.

With the launch of eBay standard envelope in January 2021, sellers in the US will be able to print labels and ship trading cards priced $20 and under for less than $1 with tracking and shipping protection included.

“eBay has been a trusted leader in the collectibles business for nearly 25 years, and we are continually working to deliver enhancements that meet the needs of our sellers,” said Nicole Colombo, Head of Collectibles at eBay.

“Our hope is that eBay standard envelope will allow sellers to make more money on low-priced single cards and allow them to meet our shipment tracking standards.”

Trading Cards On The Rise

Recent eBay data shows that collecting and selling trading cards is a continuously growing hobby. Compared to just five years ago, trading cards sales have risen almost 300 percent on eBay.

In 2020 alone, eBay has sold over 45 million trading cards. This new shipping service will benefit the millions of buyers and sellers growing their sports and non-sports trading cards collections on the marketplace.

As affordable as a stamp, with extra perks included

In addition to great savings on shipping, eBay standard envelope has the following benefits when buying and selling:

  • Cost-effective Shipping Method: eBay standard envelope will cost less than $1, with savings up to 70% over USPS First Class Package Service shipping costs, plus includes shipping protection.
  • Ship items with ease: Once the item sells, sellers simply print the label using eBay Labels and hand-off their shipment to USPS.
  • Avoid lost items or items not received: Many sellers simply use postage stamps for low-priced trading cards, which doesn’t provide tracking. With eBay standard envelope’s included tracking, buyers and sellers can rest assured their trading cards are going to the right place, without hassle or complications.
  • Top Rated Seller Status: With integrated tracking, sellers can now qualify for eBay’s Top Rated Status along with the 10 percent discount, badging and additional eBay protections.
  • Larger Seller Inventory: eBay standard envelope makes it easier to make money on sales of low-priced single cards in addition to high-value cards.

The beta launch for the new shipping service will be available January 2021 for sellers in the US with plans to expand to new categories in the future.

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