New Google Checkout to Reduce Order Abandonment

Google announced today they are improving the checkout flow with their new Google Payment API. With this further improvement, Google wants to remove the checkout friction that often leads to abandoned orders.

Much of this technology was presented earlier this year at Google I/O, Google’s developer conference. And several major retailers have been beta testing it with Google, but now Google makes it available to all merchants.

Today, a new lightning faster Google Checkout experience is available globally with supported payment processors (see list below).

What Is Google Doing Different to Help The Checkout Process?

instacart animated google checkoutOn Android devices, yes it is limited to Android devices, but with over 80% of the smartphone market share, that is a big target audience, shoppers on Google Account payment enabled sites will have access to all their credit cards they ever used in Google.

Shoppers will have access to every stored credit card they used previously in their Google account from Google products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay.

When a shopper reaches the payment page, Google Checkout will ask which credit or debit card the buyer wants to use and then processes the payment and sends the shipping information to the seller.

Of course, buyers have an option to make changes to their delivery information.

Check out the demonstration above that Google provided using the Instacart app. It shows how easy and efficient the process can be.

The new faster Google checkout will work on websites and Apps with payment processors that support Google. Here is a list of them that support it today and those that are in the process of implementing the service.

google checkout payment processors

The company did release the developer API information for this service, but most small business owners are going to go with one of the above processors.

Checkout friction is a significant concern, but so is privacy and security. Do you think shoppers will feel comfortable with all their data now available for checkout?

Will you enable Google Checkout if you can gain access to it in with your payment processor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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