PayPal recently announced two new PayPal Here card Readers – the Chip and Swipe reader and the Chip and Tap reader – to help consumers accept payments more conveniently.

Both PayPal Here card readers allow SMEs to accept credit card transactions almost anywhere.

The Chip and Tap reader supports contactless payment methods from NFC-enabled devices. This includes other contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

While the new PayPal Here Chip and Swipe reader is an upgraded model to previous swipe-style readers offered by PayPal. It now includes support for credit and debit cards with EMV chip technology.

The latest PayPal Here card readers are also available with a handy charging stand.

“For consumers, the shopping experience now moves seamlessly between online, mobile, and in-person experiences and PayPal Here lets businesses meet these consumers on their own terms, whether it is at an event, a craft fair, or in a storefront.”

Chris Gardner, Head of PayPal In-Store

Changing The Way People Do Business

Paypal’s latest payment offering brings a new level of mobility and convenience without the use of bulky hardware or wires.

The new PayPal Here readers are designed to be small for easy portability. They connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth and even come with a rechargeable Li-ion battery for longer battery life.

The Chip and Swipe reader and the Chip and Tap reader accept EMV-compliant credit and debit cards. This protects merchants with the highest security from fraudulent transactions.

PayPal also updated its SDK to support the new devices. And this ensures that the EMV compliant credit card readers are well-integrated into other POS platforms.

The latest PayPal Here readers are currently available for $59.99 for the Chip and Tap reader and $24.99 for the Chip and Swipe reader.

Both readers are compatible with the PayPal Here application available on Google Play store and Apple App store. Interested merchants can learn more about these readers here.

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