QuickBooks Card Reader

As the consumer shift to contactless payments becomes permanent, Intuit QuickBooks is introducing QuickBooks Card Reader, a new innovative payments device designed for today’s small business owners.

Integrated with QuickBooks Payments, which processes more than $65 billion in volume annually, the card reader is the latest fintech offering to help small businesses get paid faster, no matter how or where they work.

An April 2021 study by QuickBooks found that almost half (47%) of small businesses started processing payments using a new method since COVID-19.

In particular, almost half of small businesses that process contactless payments only started doing so since COVID-19 began (46%). Similarly, nearly a third of those who process payments using mobile payment apps (30%) started during COVID-19.

With QuickBooks Card Reader, small business owners are well positioned to adapt to these shifts and can speed up in-person sales, accept payments on the go and have transactions automatically reconciled in QuickBooks.

Customers always have a quick way to check out and transactions are fast with the reader’s ability to accept card payments by insert, tap, or digital wallet.

QuickBooks Card Reader stands out in the payments landscape for its innovative design, feature set, and affordability.

The company used in-depth customer research to identify key features small businesses desire as they look for a more seamless payment experience.

Other card readers lack embedded functionality to clearly communicate the status of the reader and payments in process, like a visual display and tipping.

QuickBooks Card Reader delivers these powerful features in a compact, portable contactless and chip card reader – an industry first – creating a streamlined and transparent end-to-end payment experience for small business owners and their customers. Its design features include:

  • An LED display that guides customers through the payment experience. Starting with a friendly Hello, it goes on to clearly display the purchase amount, allows customers to add a tip and confirms the payment.
  • Smart tipping functionality, meaning no sharing of devices as often needed with other card reader and POS offerings. Small business owners also have the ability to customize the three tip options for the customer that will conveniently display on the card reader, either as a percentage of the total amount or a flat dollar amount.
  • Clear connectivity and battery level indicators, giving small business owners greater confidence they’re connected and ready to accept payments.
  • Confidence for small business owners that they are in compliance, adhering to mandates in some areas that require a business owner to show a customer the total charge amount.

QuickBooks Power Stand to Complement QuickBooks Card Reader

In Summer 2021, QuickBooks plans to also introduce the QuickBooks Power Stand, giving small businesses a sleek and portable countertop payments hub that can support their business anywhere.

The Power Stand battery will wirelessly charge QuickBooks Card Reader and has an integrated USB port offering the unique capability to charge USB-compatible devices like a phone or tablet.

“It’s our mission to improve cash flow health for small businesses. With the addition of QuickBooks Card Reader to our portfolio of money offerings, we continue to make it easier for small businesses to get paid. These industry-leading payment hardware solutions that pair seamlessly with the QuickBooks platform further enhance our robust end-to-end payments offering for small businesses and provide flexibility depending on how they do business and how their customers want to pay.”

Rania Succar, Senior Vice President of Intuit QuickBooks Money Offerings

Working in tandem with the QuickBooks Mobile app, QuickBooks Card Reader gives small businesses a mobile point-of-sale tool at the ready, whenever and wherever they need to do business.

Across all QuickBooks Payments offerings, small businesses benefit from the integration with the QuickBooks platform and its range of time-saving tools including features like Instant Deposit for eligible transactions and the built-in accounting of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Card Reader and Power Stand were designed by Intuit and its development partners and feature exclusive elements for which design patents are pending. Box Clever was a close partner in the design of the hardware and QuickBooks Card Reader is based on proven payments technology from BBPOS.

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