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We received a report from a seller that eBay Managed Payments is having issues again with payouts.

The sellers said when he tried to schedule his payout, the system said the payout was declined and eBay for several hours today showed a banner on their support page saying:

“Some sellers may notice a delay with payments being available in their eBay account. We’re looking into the issue and will have it fixed soon.”

Meanwhile, the company says on Twitter (in a reply to a seller) that the issue is resolved, but has not posted an update on its community channel (yet).

Without a detailed explanation, this appears to be a repeat of a problem the company had in early December. While it too was fixed the same day, it still resulted in many sellers not receiving their payout when scheduled.

Also, repeat problems with eBay Managed Payments are not helping the reputation of the system that has been maligned by many long-time sellers since its inception. eBay CEO Jamie Iannone said in November the company plans to roll out new features for its payments service, dubbing it eBay Managed Payments 2.0, but it appears 1.0 still needs work.

Story has been updated since first publication

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  1. The new EBay payment system is terrible. PayPal had a much quicker payment system.Ebay needs to lift it’s game before major protests start.

    1. I have been waiting for 2 MONTHs for over $300 in payments. Cannot speak to a person , only chat. Keep being told they have “escalated “ my problem to IT….. I no longer will sell anything on EBay…. so frustrating because there is no one to speak to!!

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