Newegg Runs Promo To Attract New U.S. Sellers

Newegg is running a promotion to attract new sellers to its tech-focused marketplace by offering sellers to receive six months of free Elite Seller Membership at its Professional Tier, enabling sellers to achieve revenue goals quicker.

In an ongoing endeavor to expand its U.S. marketplace, encompassing both core (computer hardware) and non-core categories such as outdoor, health and fitness, smart home, e-transportation, and toys, the company is introducing this best-ever promotion.

The Elite Professional Membership by Newegg provides up to 5,000 item listings, exempts the fee per unique SKU sold per month, grants unrestricted access to both API integrations and sales/traffic reports, and provides access to the dedicated Elite Support Team.

This Elite Professional Membership is available now through July 1, 2023, for first-time new sellers who register with Newegg Marketplace.

“Newegg Marketplace is where our customers find a wide variety of desirable products that fit their lifestyles at great deals. We’re offering incentives to new U.S. marketplace sellers because we’re eager to onboard and partner with sellers that bring exciting products to market,” said Vince Aguilar, Director of Platform Experience for Newegg.

“The free Elite Professional Membership and additional perks give new U.S. marketplace sellers an advantage because they will be able to boost their business right away, leveraging tools that can take their business more quickly to the next level.”

Furthermore, new U.S. sellers on the Newegg Marketplace who spend $25 on Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) will be granted a $100 SPA credit. These sponsored ads, aimed at advertising products in the sellers’ stores, are showcased on both and Google.

Sellers also have the option to utilize Newegg’s fulfillment program, Shipped by Newegg (SBN), to store, select, package, and transport orders. SBN also manages returns and exchanges while offering around-the-clock customer service support.

The principal advantage of SBN is the dependable and efficient fulfillment process that results in favorable customer feedback, fostering brand loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases, and promoting business expansion.

Sellers who opt for SBN are required to send their products to a Newegg fulfillment center for handling and distribution. Currently, the company operates four facilities in California, Texas, Indiana, and New Jersey.

Why Newegg?

Why list with Newegg? The marketplace was founded in 2010, and according to SimilarWeb, receives on average over 16 million visitors per month.

While it has been tech-focused, the marketplace has been expanding into other categories such as outdoor, health and fitness, smart home, e-transportation, and toys.

The offer is for eligible U.S. domestic and international sellers on the U.S. Newegg Marketplace platform only. New sellers must meet requirements — see terms and conditions here.

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