Newegg offers outsourced customer service solution

Newegg Now Offers 24/7 Customer Service Outsourcing Solution

Newegg has added a new turnkey 24/7 customer service outsourcing solution to its portfolio of third-party logistics (3PL) solutions.

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“Traditional 3PL services tend to focus on warehousing and fulfilment, however we see growing demand among our clients for a more comprehensive set of solutions,” said Jamie Spannos, Global Chief Operating Officer of Newegg.

Customer Service Management

Newegg’s omni-channel contact center solution helps brands create loyalty, connecting with customers via every possible channel.

Highly trained agents are prepared to deliver a top level of service from the very first interaction, ensuring a positive experience with swift resolution to any issue.

Newegg Bridge makes it easy for sellers to outsource a complete set of customer service capabilities, including:

  • General Inquiries
  • Pre Sale / Post Sale Questions
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Order Assistance
  • Payment Issues
  • Product Assistance
  • Tracking/Shipping Requests
  • Return Assistance
  • Rewards Program Assistance
  • Customer Retention
  • Escalation Support

Social Media Monitoring

Now more than ever, customers turn to social media to engage with business they frequent. Newegg helps sellers cultivate connections via traditional channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and other more specialized online forums.

Newegg’s brand advocates’ high-touch social engagement reinforces customer satisfaction and often surfaces key customer insights to help sellers further refine their online shopping experiences.

Newegg Bridge Builds On Customer Service Experience

Newegg’s customer service experience runs deep, with over 2 million support tickets handled on behalf of over 10,000 vendors.

The company’s proven track record of delivering excellent customer service for nearly two decades uniquely qualifies Newegg to serve as the customer service gateway for its 3PL clients.

Newegg Bridge offers flexible, customizable solutions tailored to each brand’s specific needs. Newegg integrates with its 3PL clients’ systems and requirements to deliver a superior customer experience.

Clients have the option of engaging a dedicated team of agents manage all customer interaction start-to-finish, a shared agent solution for low volume or a blended solution that enables 3PL clients to build a dedicated team of agents while leveraging the benefits of a shared agent model to help manage spikes in contact volume.

Newegg Bridge is provided by Newegg Logistics, the company’s in-house fulfilment network.


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