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Newegg Utilizes AI in the Background To Evaluate Marketplace Product Listings

Newegg has announced the implementation of an AI-powered automated review process for website product description content on its marketplace.

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By leveraging advanced natural language processing models, the company’s AI-driven quality assurance (QA) program has achieved impressive results.

The AI tool is designed to analyze text and evaluate grammar, spelling, and the presence of inappropriate words, phrases, or trademarked brand names.

With the ability to review thousands of new marketplace product listings daily, the AI system rejects approximately 8% of the product descriptions on average.

This prompts Newegg employees to contact the sellers and ensure the accuracy of their product text.

Continuous feedback and data ingestion enable the AI to learn and improve its performance over time.

Jeff Lin, the Senior Director of Business Intelligence at Newegg, explained the objective of the AI model, stating, “Our goal is to assist our marketplace sellers in swiftly and accurately listing their products, enabling them to generate sales. We are actively integrating AI into our technology platforms to enhance user experiences and tackle various challenges.”

Lin further highlighted the benefits of the new AI-driven automated QA tool, emphasizing the time savings it has provided.

Since its implementation in early May, Newegg has significantly reduced the number of hours spent on manual employee reviews each day.

By automating repetitive tasks through AI, employees can redirect their efforts towards more complex responsibilities, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

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