Nexcess offers Magento EOL extension

One of the industry’s most prolific ecommerce solutions, Magento Version 1 (M1), is rapidly approaching its End of Life (EOL) date in June of 2020.

This means the cessation of new security patches and will leave online stores running this version of the software vulnerable to threats.

In response, Nexcess, a popular web hosting provider for ecommerce platforms, is launching Nexcess Safe Harbor, a security-driven solution for businesses that want to continue maintaining their sites on Magento 1 until they are ready to migrate to their next platform.

Disruption in service can devastate an ecommerce business.

“Turning disruption into [an] opportunity for our clients is how we view the pending Magento1 EOL. With the goal to keep customers happily browsing, SKUs properly inventoried, and orders flowing, Nexcess is providing a haven for online merchants large and small as they consider their options in the months ahead,” said Carrie Wheeler, Executive Vice President Nexcess.

Nexcess Safe Harbor enables store owners to maintain their sites on Magento 1 after EOL by providing security and technology updates for an extended period of time.

This solution offers much needed and cost-effective flexibility as users weigh their options, both for those with plans to re-platform to Magento 2 or migrate to another platform.

Nexcess Safe Harbor Features

Nexcess Safe Harbor is a strategic, scalable solution that delivers:

  • Easy and free migrations for any M1 installs from any host
  • Updates and security patches to keep platforms running safely, all viewable and managed through Nexcess’ customer portal
  • Malware scans with visibility into malicious attacks and blocked requests by the company’s web application firewall (WA)
  • Vetted and risk-free modules with frequently updated recommended extensions
  • Seamless integration for existing Nexcess’ clients

With the EOL of Magento 1 come other problems as development on plugins will stop, and support will be scaled back by many developers as they shift towards Magento 2 or other platforms.

But the Nexcess Safe Harbor is a good solution for those businesses that are still trying to plan their migration to a new platform as it buys them additional time.

Note: The Nexcess Safe Harbor solution is a third-party solution not supported or endorsed by Adobe, owners of the Magento platform.

What do you think about this solution Nexcess is offering to allow online merchants on Magento 1 to extend the life of the platform?

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