It seems striking a partnership with Kroger has spurred British online supermarket Ocado on to create a momentum for global expansion if not domination.

Sobey Ocado

During the recent Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, Ocado said that it’s planning to secure deals with established supermarkets in other countries.

According to the company’s chief financial officer Duncan Tatton-Brown, Ocado is currently focused on new territories in Europe as well as Japan, South Korea and Australia where there’s high growth potential.

“There’s some attractive opportunities on top of the ability to sell more capacity to existing clients. The sales teams are a reasonable size and they are reasonably busy.”

Duncan Tatton-Brown, CFO, Ocado

On tapping into other retail sectors

Aside from securing its place in international grocery retail markets, Ocado is also looking at new opportunities for its technology.

Tatton-Brown said that the company is carefully studying other retail sectors wherein its technology can be utilized.

In an interview with Reuters, he shared how Ocado is using its teams to analyze new ways in which it can use its technologies and capabilities in other areas besides the grocery sector.

“There could well be other uses in grocery, other uses in retail and frankly could well be in sectors well away from retail.“

Duncan Tatton-Brown, CFO, Ocado

Ocado’s international expansion plans came on the heels of its partnership agreement with American supermarket Kroger, where it agreed to provide the latter with 20 automated warehouses over the first three years.

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