OnBuy Boost program update

OnBuy New Boost Rates Go Into Effect Today

OnBuy Boost has helped sellers gain more exposure and improve the visibility, ranking, and placement of their listings on and off OnBuy.

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When the marketplace launched the program in 2019, Cas Paton, CEO, and founder of OnBuy, explained the service: “Our Boost service will bring a wealth of benefits to our sellers.

“Boosted listings will be placed in prominent positions across OnBuy’s product and category pages and in search results, helping increase the visibility of listings, so they sell and thus earn a higher rank on OnBuy.

“What’s most exciting is that sellers keep the rank they’ve earned – even if they end Boost!”

Most importantly, the Boost fee is only applicable when a sale is made directly through a sponsored listing, with no additional costs for non-sponsored sales.

Now, nearly four years since the marketplace introduced the Boost advertising product, it’s making a significant change to the program.

New OnBuy Boost Tiers

Previously, sellers could set their own Boost rate, ranging from 1% to 10% (Cost Per Click or CPA). But starting today (August 23, 2023), OnBuy is changing the program into five tiers.

  • Light: CPA of 5%
  • Plus: CPA of 10%
  • Pro: CPA of 15%
  • Max: CPA of 20%
  • Ultra: CPA of 25%

For current users, listings will be automatically moved over to either Light or Plus, depending on the Boost rate currently in effect.

Sellers with listings that had a Boost rate from 1% to 7% are moved to the ‘Light’ tier, while listings with a previous higher Boost level (maxed at 10%) are moved to the ‘Plus’ tier.

As a reminder, this is a per-listing feature, so sellers can make adjustments across their product mix at any time through your Seller Control Panel, or third-party integration that supports Boost.

Most sellers that use the Boost feature probably have already received notices from OnBuy and made adjustments, if necessary.

But if you forgot about the change, don’t worry; you can always fine tune your rate at any time. It may take a few hours for the adjustments to take effect.

Boost has been a driver for sellers to attract more attention to their listings. While this change might seem drastic due to the higher tiers, for most sellers, it won’t result in a significant change unless you decide to increase your ad spend.

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