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OnBuy Sets New Standards for Online Marketplaces With Innovative Cashback Program


OnBuy’s CEO, Cas Paton, had been building anticipation over the past week on LinkedIn about a major announcement coming this week that the company has been working on for many months.

Now, the company has unveiled a new exceptional cashback program called OnBuy Cashback, setting new standards in the marketplace industry.

Effective immediately, buyers will enjoy instant cashback on every purchase they make on OnBuy, without exception. This means shoppers can look forward to cash rewards with every single transaction they complete.

OnBuy Cashback empowers customers by allowing them to use their cash rewards as they see fit.

Whether they wish to make additional purchases on OnBuy right away, save up for a special item, or withdraw the accumulated cash into their bank account, they have the freedom to choose. A balance of £5 or more is all that’s required to initiate a withdrawal after 30 days.

And the best part? No need for codes or navigating through complicated catches – it’s just straightforward cashback.

But the perks don’t stop there. Unlike the common industry practice of reserving the best deals for new customers, OnBuy is also dedicated to rewarding its most loyal buyers.

They’ll have access to a range of extra cashback promotions and stackable rewards, making the shopping experience even more delightful and advantageous. All they require is an OnBuy account to start enjoying these exclusive offers, which are unmatched elsewhere.

With this groundbreaking cashback scheme and the commitment to rewarding loyal customers, OnBuy continues to position itself as a trailblazer in the ecommerce landscape, setting new standards for customer satisfaction and appreciation.

“We’re introducing something genuinely disruptive to the world of online retail, which can be full of deceptive deals and too-good-to-be-true offers. OnBuy Cashback will reward customers’ loyalty in a tangible way, without codes or catches, and have a real impact on peoples’ pockets,” said Cas Paton.

“We’re determined to disrupt the ecommerce status quo and give the power back to the people rather than the platforms which have been exposed for taking advantage of their customers and sellers.

“So many loyalty schemes offer perceived value that in reality gives customers little reward; some even charge for their benefits, so it was important to give back to our customers in a way that could make a real difference.

“Amazing choice, the brands people love and instant cashback on everything they buy – all in one place. Simple. It really pays to shop at OnBuy. 

“During the cost-of-living crisis every penny counts, so easing the pressure on customers’ pockets will make a big difference.

“This new level of convenience has the potential to change the way that we shop for everything from the everyday to the extraordinary, and this change in buying behavior will also have a positive knock-on effect for our sellers. It’s a win-win.

“The launch of OnBuy Cashback is just the beginning; we have more exciting developments on the horizon that will make our loyalty offering even more robust. We believe that loyalty should be rewarded and it’s time for our customers to reap the rewards.”

OnBuy Continues To Shake Up Online Marketplaces

Cashback is just the latest in a series of developments that the company is bringing to the OnBuy platform, to transform the shopping and selling experience forever.

To celebrate the launch of this new program, OnBuy is offering 7.5% Cashback on everything on its site. Learn more here

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