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OnBuy Launches WorldFirst, Payoneer, and Direct Bank Payments


If you were holding off on joining one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Europe because you would rather not run your business through PayPal, that is no longer an excuse.

Today, the company announced it is opening its doors to more sellers by introducing WorldFirst, Payoneer, and direct payments into UK bank accounts, opening the doors to more sellers to join OnBuy.

Since 2016, the company has relied on its strong partnership with PayPal to drive its business. And while PayPal is not going away, this is one of the many new upgrades to its marketplace the company plans this year.

“We have a brilliant relationship with PayPal, but it’s now focussed on the customer side of OnBuy, where we think PayPal are undeniably strong. PayPal are one of our biggest and most successful partners, and this change was right for both of us,” said Cas Paton, Founder and CEO of OnBuy.

For sellers, this is a massive change as they no longer need a PayPal business account to join OnBuy. This will make it quicker and easier than ever before to sell on OnBuy, with most sellers being able to get up and running in as little as 48–72 hours.

“OnBuy is more committed than ever to transform the online retail experience for the better,” added Paton.

“Our marketplace will now offer sellers and customers a more streamlined payment process and even better customer service from our team based in the UK.

“OnBuy prides itself on working with sellers and championing their success, and our move to direct payments is just another example of how seriously our business takes this mission.

“Our sellers have asked for a stress-free selling experience, easier payments and access to direct support, and we have listened.”

While not mentioned in the official press release, WorldFirst and Payoneer both offer cross-border trade services.

As much as this announcement is currently aimed at UK-based sellers, when OnBuy expands beyond its borders, these two companies will likely become a big part of its international expansion.

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