OnBuy Launches seller referral program.

OnBuy Unleashes Innovative Seller Referral Program

UK-based marketplace OnBuy is making more waves in the ecommerce world with its newly launched seller referral incentive scheme. This forward-looking move aims to reshape how individuals and businesses tap into the thriving industry.

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The program extends beyond traditional industry affiliates, allowing anyone with retail connections to introduce quality sellers to OnBuy and earn around 10% of the platform’s revenue from the referred sales for a year.

This shift follows the recent launch of OnBuy Cashback, a revolutionary rewards system that lets shoppers earn real money as they buy.

They can spend the accrued cashback on the platform instantly or withdraw it to their bank accounts after 30 days if the balance exceeds £5. This unique approach solidifies OnBuy as the world’s first cashback marketplace.

Cas Paton, CEO of OnBuy.com, stresses the company’s commitment to fairness and empowerment. He believes those who bring in sellers should be rewarded, particularly in these times when extra income is invaluable. Paton underlines the goal to enhance the customer experience by attracting reputable sellers to expand product variety and improve service quality.

The scheme’s success during a trial period has led OnBuy to launch it widely, marking it as an industry-first seller referral program.

OnBuy’s model rewards the first individual or business to refer sellers, allowing them to earn commissions for a full year. With referrals already generating substantial earnings, this program showcases its potential.

Paton reaffirms OnBuy’s commitment to seller success and ongoing efforts to elevate their experience. Amid upcoming 2023 initiatives, the referral program emerges as a mutually beneficial strategy for all stakeholders.

As OnBuy redefines ecommerce, this innovative seller referral program sets a new standard, democratizing profit opportunities and fostering a community of trust, innovation, and prosperity.

“With loads of new initiatives to further improve our seller experience in the pipeline for 2023,
this initiative is a win-win for all involved,” concludes Paton.

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