OnBuy launches seller financing program

OnBuy Teams Up With YouLend To Offer Flexible Financing for UK Sellers


Fast-growing UK online marketplace OnBuy has partnered with the global embedded financing platform YouLend to introduce fast and flexible financing options for businesses on its platform.

To address the financial needs of its sellers, OnBuy is taking a significant step towards reshaping online retail. The collaboration with YouLend highlights the platform’s commitment to promoting seller success by providing a practical solution to funding challenges.

Eligible business customers now have the opportunity to apply for financing ranging from £3,000 to £1,000,000. This process is streamlined through their existing OnBuy seller account, offering sellers a financial solution to prepare for peak seasons, invest in innovative projects, or improve cash flow – precisely when required.

Unlike traditional financing models, its approach avoids fixed monthly repayments, instead opting for a ‘Revenue-Based’ lending method. Repayment is tied to a small percentage of each successful sale on the OnBuy platform. This approach ensures sellers aren’t burdened by rigid repayment schedules, even during periods of lower sales activity, providing a sense of security and flexibility.

Cas Paton, OnBuy’s visionary Founder and CEO, expressed his excitement for the collaboration, “OnBuy is more committed than ever to transforming the online retail experience, and that’s why our partnership with YouLend is so important. 

“We pride ourselves on working with our sellers and championing their success, and teaming up with YouLend is just another example of how seriously we take this mission.

“Whether our retailers are looking to invest in stock, increase their cash flow, or simply scale their business, we want to make it easier for them to get the support they need, when they need it most – and that’s exactly what this financing solution will do!

“We can’t wait to see how much of an impact it has on our sellers’ growth!”

Luuk Visschedijk, Global Head of Partnerships at YouLend, echoed Paton’s sentiment, recognizing the challenges faced by SMEs in obtaining the necessary capital for growth. He praised the partnership’s ability “to support OnBuy sellers with fast, flexible, and affordable financing.”

With a successful track record of extending financing to over 100,000 businesses across the UK, EU, and the US, YouLend brings a wealth of experience to this innovative partnership.

As the digital retail landscape continues to evolve, this dynamic financial initiative has the potential to reshape the growth trajectory of UK sellers on OnBuy’s thriving platform, injecting renewed energy into their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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