Onramp Adds Walmart Marketplace

Onramp Now Offers Growth Capital for Walmart Marketplace Sellers


Onramp has added a new channel partner with Walmart Marketplace, enabling access to its funding platform for Walmart’s third-party ecommerce sellers.

This collaboration offers fast and flexible financing solutions to help small businesses drive sales on one of the fastest-growing marketplace opportunities today.

Through this integration, Onramp now extends growth capital funding to online sellers on Walmart Marketplace, helping them to boost inventory, scale marketing, and provide the financial resource to cover initial shipping costs.

The repayment terms for these funds will be directly aligned with the sellers’ sales performance, providing them with greater flexibility to increase sales and profits.

Eric Youngstrom, CEO of Onramp, is excited to help third-party sellers on Walmart Marketplace grow their business: “As an approved Walmart Marketplace Solutions Provider, Onramp can now help sellers on Walmart Marketplace secure funding to grow their business faster.”

“We’re honored to be a partner to ecommerce business owners in facilitating the access to cash necessary to grow. The opportunities for growth available to ecommerce sellers are phenomenal.”

Existing Onramp customers who are already selling on Walmart Marketplace can now benefit from this integration as well, gaining access to the fast and flexible financing solutions provided by the company.

Walmart Marketplace Natural Fit for Onramp Customers

For Onramp’s customers who are not currently selling on Walmart.com, this partnership presents a unique opportunity to expand their businesses.

By becoming a Walmart Marketplace Seller, they can enjoy several advantages, including selling with confidence on a trusted and transparent marketplace with a massive built-in audience.

Website traffic analytics firm SimilarWeb ranks Walmart.com as the third most popular ecommerce marketplace platform in the United States, attracting nearly 400 million visitors monthly.

Other benefits include zero monthly or setup fees, competitive commission and fulfillment fees, and access to powerful tools for pricing, catalog management, fulfillment, returns, and brand management. Sellers can also leverage Walmart Fulfillment Services and Walmart Connect.

Walmart Marketplace is a community of professional sellers, offering high-quality assortments of products that complement Walmart.com’s first-party offerings.

According to Mirakl, 70% of consumers consider online marketplaces the most convenient way to shop, primarily due to better delivery options, a wide selection of products, and competitive prices.

Onramp’s addition of Walmart Marketplace comes at a critical stage for online sellers as they prepare for the busy holiday season. It’s the perfect time for sellers to review and expand sales channels.

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