OnTrac expands its transcontinental delivery service with three new hubs

OnTrac Expands Transcontinental Delivery Service, Offering a Faster and Cost-Effective Delivery Option

OnTrac announces the extension of its transcontinental delivery service, promising quicker and more cost-effective delivery options for online sellers catering to residential consumers.

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The company’s expansion of its cross-country delivery service encompasses three new hubs in Las Vegas, Reno, and Nashville and marks a significant step in building an efficient nationwide delivery network.

These new lanes enable OnTrac to provide faster delivery services, connecting its East and West Coast regional networks, allowing the carrier to transport shipments from coast to coast within three days.

“We have been blown away by the rapid adoption of our transcontinental delivery service and the positive feedback we’ve received from our retail partners since launching one year ago,” said Josh Dinneen, Chief Commercial Officer of OnTrac. “This overwhelming response reflects the growing need for a proven alternative to the duopoly [of UPS and FedEx].”

OnTrac Transcontinental expansion now includes Reno, Las Vegas, and Nashville.
Source: OnTrac

The Advantages of OnTrac’s Transcontinental Service

  • Coverage of up to 80% of the U.S. population across 31 states, including Washington, D.C.
  • The cultivation of brand loyalty by fulfilling consumer expectations for expedited delivery.
  • Empowering retailers with coast-to-coast opportunities to expand their business.
  • Diversify the carrier mix with a tried-and-true growing carrier.
  • A smooth integration of cutting-edge technology to help businesses offer fast delivery services.

Texas also serves as a pivotal nexus linking the carrier’s East and West Coast operational networks formed through its merger with LaserShip, allowing retailers to harness OnTrac’s capabilities to access more customers in the country’s most populated regions.

OnTrac is unrelenting in its pursuit of innovation and steadfast in its commitment to aiding retail partners in building a competitive edge through accelerated delivery solutions.

This will help sellers acquire more customers, reinforce brand loyalty, safeguard profit margins, and a diversity in their carrier options.

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