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Optiseller Releases New Aspect Finder+ Tool to Enable eBay Sellers to Optimize Listings Faster


Optiseller has released a new version of its Aspect Finder+ tool helping eBay sellers optimize their online store listings faster and more efficiently.

This new launch marks a new era for Optiseller, as the new Aspect Finder+ will enable sellers to optimize their listings more than ever before. The new features include a new filter builder, a bulk update option and a find and replace tool.

“After three years partnering with eBay and the Aspect Finder+ tool being trusted by their sellers, Optiseller are now starting a new chapter with this launch. These new features are designed to enhance performance by taking a store’s listings and item specifics to the next level.”

Richard Falconer, COO at Optiseller

“Our tools have helped thousands of eBay sellers globally to optimize their stores and sell more online. We look forward to providing this support going forward not only with Aspect Finder+, but with our full range of Optiseller tools. We have listened carefully to seller feedback and are delighted to release the Bulk Update feature at such a crucial time prior to peak sale season.”

“In the coming months, we also plan to launch the Product Suggester and Category Suggester tools, which we are confident will become integral to sellers’ listing processes. These tools will sit alongside the well-known Category Lookup tool, Single Listing review tool and much more, and be included when current Aspect Finder+ users upgrade their plans, bringing them access to the new features and existing tools simultaneously.”

Optiseller Tools Help eBay Sellers Grow

Optiseller is an eCommerce data platform that provides over 50,000 users with the tools they need to control, manage and monitor their performance. The new Aspect Finder+ tool is just the latest update to the company’s suite of valuable tools to help eBay seller grow their online business.

The platform is now used in over 160 countries, reviewing over 70 million listings every week. In total Optiseller  has analyzed over 1.1 billion products.

To learn more about Optiseller and how eBay sellers can see more success selling online check out our interview with Richard Falconer here.

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