Optiseller Taster Plan

New Optiseller Taster Plan Gives eBay Users Free Tech Tools to Boost Sales

Optiseller launches a free Optiseller Taster Plan which gives new customers a flavor of the tools and market research capabilities the company offers to help sellers boost sales.

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With around 17 million sellers on the eBay marketplace, it is now more important than ever that online retailers do background research to ensure they are set up for success and stand out from the very busy crowd.

According to Mirakl’s State of Online Marketplace Adoption survey, 70% of shoppers now find marketplaces to be the most convenient way to shop.

Online Marketplaces are not only increasing in popularity with buyers, but also with companies looking to expand their audience. 

“Whoever said nothing in life is free has never heard of the Optiseller Taster plan. We have launched a brand new no-cost taster plan for eBay sellers to gain access to optimization tools so they can get a taste of what Optiseller can offer to their seller journey.”

Optiseller founder and CEO, Craig MacCallum

“The new Optiseller taster plan will not only be invaluable for sellers looking to kickstart their eBay journey, but also for experienced sellers looking to boost sales by improving their knowledge and selling processes.”

“We really can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research before listing on eBay. Product placement is everything, listing in the wrong category is like storing your product in the back shelf of your store, where no one is looking for it.”

“Understanding what and who you are marketing to is laying the groundwork for a successful, optimized store. Knowing who your buyers are and how they shop on the marketplace is the first step to getting your listings in front of the right buyers and getting ahead of competitors.”

Free Optiseller Taster Plan Features

The Optiseller’s Taster Plan includes some of its most invaluable, and popular, tools: 

  • The Category Lookup Tool is a directory of all categories on the marketplace. It provides insights for each category and enables sellers to see the top 50 rated listings based on your search terms and categories they are listed in.  
  • The Buyer Demand Feature gives sellers an insight into item specifics and enables them to see how commonly an item specific is used by giving it a 1-5 star rating. This means sellers can then prioritize popular item specifics helping increase searches and views.  
  • The Product Suggester Tool is a go-to for sellers to research before creating a listing. The tool gives a detailed insight into existing listings of similar products and even includes the top 10 ranked listings so sellers can see their top competitor’s title, title length, price and category.  
  • The Category Suggester Tool is there to help with keyword research. Sellers can view the top suggested listing categories – accompanied by an eBay data confidence rating.  

“Whether you are looking to start your eBay selling journey on the right foot, or want to fine-tune your listing process, the tools are free for you to make the most of, however you choose,” added MacCallum.

In addition to the free Optiseller Taster Plan, the company also offers a 7-day trial on its other more advanced paid plans for sellers who want to get the most out of selling on eBay.

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