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OroCommerce Launches Interactive ‘B2B Commerce UnCut’ Live Video Podcast on Zoom


Oro Inc, the company behind OroCommerce, a leading open-source B2B eCommerce platform is launching B2B Commerce UnCut, a live video podcast that offers a unique insight into the world of B2B digital commerce.

Featuring interactive, community-driven content plus unvarnished insights from industry experts and Oro customers and partners, the live show and syndicated podcast is poised to become must-see content for both industry newcomers and established eCommerce leaders. 

Each episode of B2B Commerce UnCut will be live-streamed on Zoom, with no editing and no second takes, to give a fresh and uncensored perspective on today’s top eCommerce trends.

Oro will convene a panel of in-house experts, industry partners, customers, and guest analysts to discuss topics and industry happenings voted on by the audience in real-time, giving each episode raw and unpredictable energy. 

Viewers will also be invited to contribute questions and join the discussion, making the show an interactive hub for the eCommerce community.

Oro is a proud supporter of open-source software, and already runs a vibrant online forum for developers and eCommerce stakeholders, so the new show will give Oro’s partners and customers a new space in which to share knowledge and forge human connections. 

A few days after each live-streaming event, a new 30-minute episode will be published online and syndicated for repeat viewing or access via top podcast distribution services and apps including Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Stitcher.

New B2B Commerce UnCut Episode Every Six Weeks

With a new episode dropping every 6 weeks, the B2B Commerce UnCut archives will quickly become a repository of best practices, brutally honest advice, and actionable business insights for today’s B2B eCommerce community.

B2B Commerce UnCut lifts the lid on the most important topics in the world of B2B eCommerce, as chosen by our viewers. There’s no BS and no PR-speak — just an unflinchingly honest look at what’s important for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and anybody else selling in the B2B space. If you’re tired of overhyped trends and generic B2C advice, tune in and check out what really matters in B2B commerce today.”

Yoav Kutner, Oro CEO

The first episode of B2B Commerce UnCut, titled “Distinguishing signal from noise: B2B eCommerce trends for 2022 that matter,” will be streamed live on February 22, 2022 at 11 am EST.

Moderator Motti Danino will welcome Magento cofounder and Oro CEO Yoav Kutner and guest speaker Forrester Senior Digital Commerce Analyst Joe Cicman to discuss the Oro 2022 trends survey and dig into which trends are real, and which are just overhyped buzzwords.

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