OroCommerce New Version 4.1

Oro Unveils Feature-Packed OroCommerce Version 4.1

Oro announced the launch of OroCommerce 4.1, the latest update to its digital commerce platform relied upon by many international corporations around the world.

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OroCommerce 4.1 maintain’s Oro’s commitment to flexible, open-source, robust, and user-friendly design, while delivering a range of new tools to streamline the management of content and product data, along with greater functionality for both B2B and B2C users.

OroCommerce 4.1 includes a slew of new and updated features designed to significantly enhance B2B merchants’ ability to efficiently manage all aspects of their eCommerce operations at scale. Key new features include:

Improved Content Management System (CMS) Capabilities

OroCommerce 4.1 features a new WYSIWYG editor that gives users full control over page layout, content customization, and multi-device presentation.

Dynamic content widgets also allow users to configure, preview, and publish content blocks with features including multimedia files, call-to-action-buttons, and product detail snippets –– and no matter where the content blocks are viewed, they will have up-to-date information such as pricing, quantity tiers, and product availability.

PWA and Storefront APIs

The 4.1 release significantly extends OroCommerce’s storefront API coverage, simplifying the development of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and native mobile applications.

Through this feature, enterprises can ensure their web pages load quickly, even on slow mobile networks, and decrease overall mobile traffic while continuing to deliver a high-quality user experience and hassle-free navigation.

Seamless Product Data and Assets Management

OroCommerce 4.1 makes maintaining product-level attribute data a breeze by allowing users to export specified products for revision easily, and to import updated product data from ERP or PIM systems in a structured manner, reducing the need for manual editing.

The platform also gains enhanced asset-management controls, so that images, videos, and PDF documents can be reused across content fields and product segments without users having to upload files each time.

Easy Set-up for B2C Websites

OroCommerce is tailor-made for B2B merchants — but OroCommerce 4.1 also gives B2C sellers out-of-the-box access to the platform’s comprehensive eCommerce feature-set.

With a single click, users can launch a pre-configured website with a dedicated B2C feature-set, or toggle between B2B-specific features such as requests for quotes or matrix ordering.

OroCommerce 4.1 also makes it easy to customize multiple storefronts for multi-channel selling, cross-border ecommerce, and other applications, all from within a single OroCommerce instance.

With an upgrade to Symfony 4.4, OroCommerce 4.1 also gains a significant boost in performance, developer experience, security, and reliability.

“OroCommerce 4.1 is a major step forward for both B2B and B2C digital commerce — the direct result of our pioneering use of open-source technology, and our ongoing commitment to listening to and learning from our global community of users.”

Dima Soroka, CTO at Oro, Inc.

Oro Build by Founders of Magento

Oro, Inc. offers a suite of open source commerce applications: OroPlatform, OroCRM and, OroCommerce. The company was founded by some of the original team behind Magento and have deep experience in the eCommerce industry.

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