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Oro Unveils New Website To Meet Evolving Customer Needs in 2022

Oro, Inc., the pioneering eCommerce leader behind OroCommerce, the No.1 open source B2B digital commerce platform, today announced the launch of a new website designed to meet its customer’s evolving needs and make it easier than ever to learn about Oro’s solutions and ecosystems. Coming as Oro celebrates its 10th anniversary, and the one-year anniversary of OroMarketplace, the new web launch reaffirms Oro’s commitment to innovating to drive customer success in the fast-changing world of B2B eCommerce.

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The announcement followed Oro marking its best year to date, with a 50% jump in transactions, a 77% increase in average sales volumes, and an 80% increase in customer acquisition. The past year also saw Oro secure the No.1 spot in Gartner’s B2B Commerce Use Case in the 2021 Critical Capabilities report, part of the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, along with numerous other industry honors.

The New Oro Website Design

  • Easy to navigate, ensuring that visitors can quickly and easily find the information and support they need, and that they can return time and again to leverage the resources that support their own unique goals.
  • Value-filled, with dedicated pages addressing specific customer pain points and explaining how Oro’s family of products can support their eCommerce journey, plus customer stories giving concrete insights into how Oro’s products deliver real-world value.
  • Less cluttered, with more breathing room and white space between text and graphics, to align with Oro’s commitment to streamlined and intuitive UX, and ensure users never feel lost or confused as they navigate the site.
  • Visually appealing, with subtle design details to draw visitors in, foster engagement, and improve the overall user experience while conveying flexibility, innovation, and trustworthiness.

Based on actual feedback from Oro’s website visitors and delivering on the company’s people-first promise in doing business, Oro’s new website has been thoughtfully designed to give customers a completely friction-free experience and simple-to-navigate environment where they can easily find information on their own, without being obstructed by unnecessary marketing noise. The new website also makes it easier for visitors to get in touch or interact with the Oro team.

“At Oro, we have a unique people-first company culture driven by our core values of transparency, open-mindedness, and humility. This culture created a company where our actions speak louder than our words — whether it’s building honest and trustworthy relationships with our customers, always putting our employees’ interest first despite changing market conditions, or building the best-in-class B2B technology products,”

“We wanted to manifest these core values in our new website. That is why we transformed the design style to be very simple, neat, and unobtrusive, giving visitors enough space to explore it on their own terms and making it easy for them to reach out to the Oro team for assistance.”

Anna Korolekh, Marketing Director, Oro.

Oro will roll out additional digital content throughout the year, making the new website a constantly evolving and growing resource for new and existing customers. Visit the Oro site now to experience it for yourself: https://oroinc.com/

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Editorial Note: This post is from a Company Press Release and may have been modified for clarity.

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