OroCommerce Launches Free B2B Ecommerce Online Training Program

B2B ecommerce platform launches a new online training program to give B2B merchants the knowledge, techniques, and best practices needed to leverage digital technologies and grow their ecommerce businesses effectively.

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OroCommerce’s free training sessions provide a comprehensive overview of the techniques and skills needed to acquire customers, expand sales channels, and succeed in the $6.6 trillion B2B eCommerce space.

The courses will help not only senior digital channel managers and marketing professionals become more tech-savvy in their daily operations but also brief sales and C-suite leaders on how to make future-proof investments in B2B ecommerce technologies and ensure their businesses stay agile and adaptive in the fast-changing marketplace.

Participants will use a hands-on staging environment to explore the OroCommerce platform in real-time and receive expert guidance to help them deploy native B2B features and adjust the platform to suit the specific needs of their own business.

The courses will be led by two senior Oro developers, each with more than ten years of ecommerce experience working with Oro partners and clients.

Participants will be able to ask questions and receive real-time guidance, benefiting from the instructors’ deep understanding of the common pain points and tech blindspots facing B2B merchants.

OroCommerce Helping B2B  Businesses During Coronavirus Crisis With Free Training Program

The entire training program, valued at $5,600, is being offered at no cost to participants as part of Oro’s commitment to supporting global B2B brands, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers during a time of economic turmoil.

“The coronavirus pandemic has been a massive catalyst for change, driving B2B merchants to bring their sales tools into the digital era. Our free training will equip participants with actionable insights that they can apply immediately to upgrade their eCommerce capabilities and emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.”

Yoav Kutner, CEO and co-founder of Oro, Inc.

Consisting of nine two-hour webinars, the courses will be taught live for three weeks starting May 19, running Tuesdays through Thursdays. Recordings of the sessions will be available for on-demand viewing until August 31.

OroCommerce is designed for B2B commerce businesses offering free open-source (community edition) and full-service enterprise software. The company was founded by several members of the original Magento commerce platform.

Registration is now open for the OroCommerce live courses.

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