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OroCommerce releases version 1.1 for EE and CE users

Only about two months ago, OroCommerce released their much anticipated B2C platform as version 1.0. OroCommerce is a startup founded by the original team that created the Magento Platform.

The OroCommerce B2B platform improves upon most B2C platforms such as Magento or WooCommerce for B2B online sales.  It comes out of the box with many features you would typically have to add to a B2C solution using extensions or plug-ins.

Aimed specifically at manufacturers and wholesalers, OroCommerce has gaining widespread kudos for providing an extensive solution for B2C online sales segment.

The main capabilities that have been upgraded in OroCommerce 1.1 EE (Enterprise Edition) and CE (Community Edition) are:

  • Workflows and roles
  • Integrations and APIs
  • Management console
  • Segmentation and reporting
  • Store front end
  • System performance

The major functional and performance improvements in OroCommerce 1.1 allow both front end and back end users higher productivity across all levels.

Solution integrators will be able to leverage many of the optimizations made in 1.1, improving overall performance.

To learn more about OroCommerce or the details about the 1.1 upgrade, please see the source link below

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