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For international sellers operating on the Amazon UK marketplace, it is crunch time to comply with the lastest UK Finance Bill.

“The UK Finance Bill 2018 is expected to become law in 2018. The Bill will require Amazon Marketplace to block non-UK sellers who store goods in the UK from selling through if the seller doesn’t not comply with its UK VAT registration requirements.

We recommend that you upload your UK VAT number in Seller Central before March 5th 2018 to ensure smooth functioning of your account. To learn more about VAT, please visit our VAT resources page. More details about the legislation can be found on the HMRC website.”

Notice on Amazon Seller Central (UK)

After the 5th of March, non-compliant sellers will have their accounts suspended until they provide the necessary VAT information.

Good News For UK Sellers

This crackdown by Amazon is good news for UK Sellers that have long complained about international sellers getting away without paying their share of VAT.

It may level the playing field a little in some categories, and it may remove some primarily China-based sellers that have undercut UK sellers with cheap imports on Amazon.

US, Canadian, and Australian Amazon Marketplace sellers need to be aware of this new VAT requirement as well. This applies to anyone from outside the EU that use to sell products.

No action is required for UK and EU sellers that already had to provide Amazon with their VAT information.

We would love to hear your opinion about Amazon enforcing VAT on the UK marketplace. Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.

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