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Parcelforce Worldwide Expands Photo on Delivery Feature for Enhanced Transparency to All Customers in the UK

Parcelforce Worldwide’s recent extension of its Photo on Delivery feature to all domestic services in the UK marks a significant step toward enhancing transparency and confidence in the delivery process.

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With this new feature, both shippers and recipients can view pictures taken during the delivery process, even if the package was delivered to a neighbor or a designated safe spot instead of the recipient’s address.

Parcelforce aims to build trust and provide assurance to its customers (shippers and receivers) by offering visual proof of package delivery.

Customers can conveniently view these delivery photos on the Parcelforce website, in the confirmation of delivery emails, and within the tracking section of the company’s award-winning dashboard.

In cases where an image is not captured, such as drop-offs at Parcelforce depots, customers will receive the traditional signature confirmation.

This innovation holds benefits for both recipients and senders. For recipients, the inclusion of a photo depicting the delivery location not only validates the assurance of the delivery but also adds an extra layer of customer service.

On the other hand, shippers benefit from the visual evidence in scenarios involving non-receipt claims or inquiries about delivery locations.

Parcelforce Worldwide Focus on Ecommerce Enhancements

Aaron Barnes, Managing Director of Parcelforce Worldwide, underlines the company’s promise to enhance its services for today’s ecommerce; “[W]e are on a journey to enhance our products and services that we offer for both sending and receiving customers.”

The introduction of the Photo on Delivery feature reflects this commitment, improving the delivery experience for customers and offering senders the reassurance that their shipments have been successfully delivered.

In summary, Parcelforce Worldwide’s extension of the Photo on Delivery feature to all domestic UK services is a strategic move toward bolstering transparency and customer confidence.

Parcelforce Worldwide is owned by the Royal Mail Group, a postal and courier company based in the United Kingdom. Photo on Delivery is now available on all domestic (UK) deliveries.

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