Parcelforce Worldwide Dashboard Wins Award

Parcelforce Worldwide Wins Best Customer Experience Award

Parcelforce Worldwide has won the ‘Best Customer Experience Award’ for its Tracking & Reporting Dashboard at The Delivery Excellence Awards.

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The Dashboard provides Parcelforce Worldwide customers with a single view of all their UK and international parcels in near real-time in a simple, easy-to-use format.

Parcelforce Worldwide Dashboard Highlights

The Dashboard is an innovative tool that gives business customers control and 24/7 visibility of their deliveries and reflects Parcelforce Worldwide’s customer-centric digital strategy.

The Dashboard can search for a specific parcel – pulling up tracking information and customer signatures, etc. – but can also monitor the status of all shipments, broken down by a comprehensive list of tracking events.

These include: ‘Out for Delivery’, ‘Delivered’, and ‘Held at Customs’. Users can then extract all this information into Excel and run real-time reports. Customers can also create ‘watch lists,’ helping to identify and monitor priority customers where extra focus might be required.

Within the parcels industry, it’s become an expectation for customers to have the ability to ‘self-serve’ and stay informed about the real-time progress of their deliveries.

Parcelforce Worldwide’s goal was to develop a tool that places the customer at the center, ensuring a user-friendly experience when it comes to tracking and reporting parcel shipments.

The creation of the Dashboard was guided by the invaluable feedback the company received from its customers.

This approach allowed for continuous refinement, adjustment, and the integration of the most essential functionalities.

The recognition garnered by this award stands as proof that the Dashboard provided by Parcelforce Worldwide consistently delivers the excellent standard of customer service that the company strives for.

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