Parcelhub Now Offers Fulfillment Services to Its UK Customers

Parcelhub, the UK’s leading multi-carrier shipping and eCommerce solution provider, has added fulfillment services to its unique portfolio of carrier management and eCommerce solutions for retailers, brands, wholesalers, printers and publishers.

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The Parcelhub fulfillment service can be tailored by companies who need to outsource storage, shipping and stock management of printed matter, apparel, daily deals products, gifts, homewares, PC hardware, novelty goods and subscription boxes.

Outsource All Supply Chain Operations to Parcelhub

Parcelhub customers now have the option to outsource all their supply chain operations with them. The company’s range of new services includes bulk print mailouts, picking and packing, reworking, warehousing, storage and eCommerce order fulfillment.

“We understand that business life is busy and our clients need us to get on with the job in hand quickly and efficiently. We work hard to make sure we’re as responsive as possible; building relationships through dedicated account managers who provide one point of contact and understand the clients’ businesses and their needs as fully as possible.”

Nottingham based Mark Rosenberg, Managing Director of Parcelhub

Parcelhub has a wealth of experience working with businesses to meet their distribution needs and we understand that things can shift and alter with very little notice.

Because of the way the company operates and the processes they have in place, they are able to react to these changes swiftly, often with little or no impact on the delivery schedule.

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