Payment Processor BlueSnap Expands Local Payment Capabilities to Australia


The online payments technology company BlueSnap announced this week the addition of local payment processing to its All-in-One Payment Platform for B2C and B2B businesses with customers in Australia.

With a single connection to the All-in-One Payment Platform, BlueSnap allows businesses to process payments domestically, avoid costly cross-border fees and gain better conversion rates for increased revenue.

The company can also reach other global markets without an additional integration to a redundant payment solution provider.

When businesses connect to BlueSnap’s platform, they have one payments solution for every online sales channel with the built-in products they need to simplify their payments stack, increase sales, and reduce costs.

“We are pleased to expand our global presence by offering local payment processing to businesses with customers in Australia because this is a very exciting time for the Australian eCommerce market. Not only will they benefit from better conversion rates and lower fees when using our All-in-One Payment Platform, but they will also gain superior customer support services compared to other payment solution providers that claim to have similar capabilities in this market.”

Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap

Australia eCommerce Market

Australia is an attractive eCommerce market with 59 percent credit card penetration and 78 percent smartphone penetration, according to the country’s latest consumer data from the PPRO Almanac.

On top of that, the research also shows 63 percent of Australian consumers are comfortable shopping internationally.

BlueSnap provides a solution for Australian B2C businesses selling online as well as B2B companies that rely on invoice-based payments because it can simplify their global payment processing solution, and allow them to reach more global shoppers with a single integration, which saves valuable time and money.

The All-in-One Payment Platform also supports all currencies, major credit cards, and local bank transfers to support every payment need.

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For online merchants interested in learning more about BlueSnap, they visit their website.

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