The singles biggest complaint by small online businesses is the speed at which they can gain access to funds received from sales.

In U.S. Bank study, research found that 82 percent of businesses fail due to poor cash management, or in other words, cash flow problems.

While the news often talks about large companies, especially public companies traded on stock exchanges, it is small businesses that are the heart and engine of most western economies.

These small companies drive innovation, competition, diversity, economic opportunity, job creation and are part of the overall health of communities.

PayPal serves 19.5 million businesses, the vast majority of which are small businesses.

As part of their efforts to help small businesses grow and thrive, the company announced the launch of Funds Now, which gives select businesses access to their completed sales within seconds by eliminating holds, delays and reserves so they can spend their funds immediately.

Funding Delays are Pain Point

Over the past year, PayPal has been meeting with many small businesses around the U.S., including during PayPal Small Business Month, to better understand their needs.

A common pain point PayPal representatives heard from small businesses was that across the payments industry, it’s too difficult and too slow to get access to the funds from their completed sales.

In the world of payments, funding delays of seven to 21 days for small businesses have been far too common. And those funding delays hinder the ability of small businesses to invest back into their businesses, pay their bills, and serve their customers.

With Funds Now, PayPal aspires to set a new expectation in payments. PayPal believes that providing immediate access to funds should be the norm rather than the exception for small businesses in good standing.

In fact, the company says Funds Now has already been extended to more than one million businesses using PayPal at no extra cost.

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Improving Cash Flow and Safety

Funds Now is just one of many products and services PayPal offers to help small businesses launch, grow and scale.

In addition to connecting small businesses to PayPal’s more than 250 million active customer accounts, PayPal also provides financing and credit tools, seller protection and fraud prevention services:

  • The PayPal Business Debit Mastercard® has no annual fee, gives 1% cash back on eligible purchases and enables businesses to withdraw cash from their PayPal balance at the point of sale or at ATMs around the world.
  • PayPal Working Capital has extended $5 billion in loans to 150,000 unique businesses, and along with PayPal Business Loans, helps businesses launch and grow with fast access to affordable capital. And with PayPal Credit, the company is helping businesses extend credit to their customers, driving higher sales and average order values while still getting paid right away.
  • PayPal Checkout with Smart Payment Buttons™, which the company recently launched in the U.S., is designed to help businesses drive conversion. A recent comScore study found that PayPal Checkout converted at 88.7% during checkout, 82% higher than a checkout without PayPal. With one integration, PayPal Checkout enables businesses to accept all the relevant ways their global customers want to pay, including over 100 currencies, PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit, credit and debit cards and local alternative payment methods.
  • PayPal introduced new Disputes API, so that businesses can more easily manage and resolve disputes and chargebacks from their customers.
  • Fraud Protection – PayPal processes over 10 million payments per day and their fraud tools are designed to get smarter with each transaction. And because PayPal is a trusted financial brand, customers feel secure shopping and checking out even at new businesses.

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Currently, Funds Now is rolling out to select businesses across the US, UK and Australia and PayPal will expand this feature to more businesses in more markets in the near future.

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