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PayPal Launches PayPal Rewards Program To Help Consumers Save Money During Holiday Season

PayPal introduces PayPal Rewards, a new unified rewards program that gives customers an easy way to shop, earn, track, save, and redeem rewards and offers all in one place – their PayPal app.

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PayPal Rewards connects PayPal’s merchant offers, cashback savings, and shopping products into one experience.

According to a survey by IDC, consumers continue to navigate high prices heading into the holiday shopping season searching out deals, discounts, and cashback opportunities. 25% of consumers stating loyalty programs are the most important factor when deciding where to shop.

PayPal Rewards provides a ubiquitous rewards program, where consumers can earn PayPal Rewards points and save money through cashback and discounts at participating retailers.

PayPal Rewards will build upon the nearly $200 million PayPal consumers have already saved this year so far through PayPal Honey-enabled cash back and discounts.

“With the financial challenges people face these days, brought on by rising prices and the need to tighten budgets, it can be frustrating to shop for everyday essentials or plan for the holidays,” said Greg Lisiewski, Vice President of Shopping and Global Pay Later.

“PayPal Rewards makes it easy to find sales, discounts, and great deals when making a purchase with PayPal – through cashback, discount codes, or other rewards.”

PayPal Rewards Benefits

  • One, Unified Rewards Program Across PayPal: Customers can combine rewards earned across multiple PayPal products and shopping experiences including PayPal Honey browser extensions and the PayPal app, and in the future, various card products.
  • Designated Rewards Destination: Rewards will now be housed in a new part of the PayPal app, making it simple to track and redeem rewards earned across many PayPal products and shopping experiences.
  • More Ways to Earn: Customers will be able to earn PayPal Rewards points in a variety of ways, including personalized engagement with the PayPal app, and using the PayPal Honey browser extension to find discounts. Points can be redeemed for cash back and other rewards. PayPal Rewards can provide even greater benefits when using a reward-earning payment card to make purchases using PayPal.
  • More Ways to Redeem: Customers will have the flexibility to redeem rewards points without category restrictions or amount minimums throughout the PayPal ecosystem, such as cashback or at PayPal checkout. Once redeemed for cash back into their PayPal balance, the funds can be transferred to their linked bank account, deposited into their PayPal Savings account, donated to a charity, or sent using P2P.

With the introduction of PayPal Rewards, Honey Gold will become PayPal Rewards points.

Customers will have the option to set up or link to an existing PayPal account and start benefiting from this new integrated experience with more ways to redeem their rewards points.

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