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On Monday, YouTube announced they reached a new milestone in viewership in 2016; One Billion hours of video are watched every day by its users!

A few years back YouTube started to track this metric to measure viewer engagement as it was believed that the longer people watched, the more interested they would be in the content of the video.

While many YouTubers are focused on the number of plays their video receives or the number of subscribers their channel attracts, the real value in video is this audience engagement.

Basically YouTube is taking an old TV ratings metric and applying it to its service. YouTube content providers have access to this metric in their dashboard and it might be the most overlooked metric by eCommerce marketers.

If you are not using YouTube yet as a marketing tool for your eCommerce business you are missing out on getting a share of the over 1 Billion hours of eyeballs per day!

Let’s put that into perspective. The 1 Billion hours of watching video by YouTube users globally is just shy of all adult viewing of TV in the United States per day.

The best part about YouTube is that people are actively searching for specific content, not just browsing a TV guide looking for something to watch. Do you really want to leave this target rich environment to your competitors?

Our partners at have held a few webinars on the power of video and the power of YouTube.

Here are two of the most recent ones:

If you are already using YouTube, let us know how it has changed your business in the comments below.

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