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Pitney Bowes Expands Regional Delivery Services To Meet Ecommerce Demands

Pitney Bowes announced a significant expansion of its regional delivery service models to more than 20 major cities across the Southeast and Southwest United States.

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The expansion comes as the company aims to leverage its cutting-edge Designed Delivery Platform for ecommerce shippers.

This platform incorporates a national network of highly automated sort centers and state-of-the-art technology, allowing Pitney Bowes to process parcels at scale.

By deploying these advanced solutions, the company is poised to offer brands and retailers the ability to reach an additional 100 million consumers within 1-3 days in select zip codes within the following regions:

Southeast Region: The service will cover origins near Atlanta and Orlando, offering 1-3 day delivery to consumers in metro areas such as Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; Atlanta, GA; Savannah, GA; Jackson, MS; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; Greenville, SC; Nashville, TN, among others.

Southwest Region: With origins near Dallas, the service will provide 1-3 day delivery to consumers in major metro areas including Little Rock, AR; Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans, LA; Albuquerque, NM; Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK; Austin, TX; Dallas-Ft Worth, TX; El Paso, TX; Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX, and many others.

Pitney Bowes Regional Delivery Services as of August 2023
Source: Pitney Bowes

Gregg Zegras, EVP & President, Global Ecommerce at Pitney Bowes, emphasized the importance of regional delivery in addressing the complexities of the carrier market.

“As brands and retailers look to simplify carrier relationships and improve operational efficiency and customer experience, Pitney Bowes is bringing its investments in automation, robotics, and machine learning to bear to make ecommerce logistics easier for our clients with both national and regional delivery options,” Zegras stated.

Pitney Bowes Meeting Evolving Demands of Ecommerce

The expansion builds upon the success of Pitney Bowes’ initial regional delivery service models, launched in 2022 for the Northern and Southern California regions near Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the Northeast region near New York and Boston.

Zegras further highlighted the impact of regional delivery services on the company’s growth.

“In the first quarter, regional delivery services helped Pitney Bowes grow Global Ecommerce volumes by 22%,” he said. “By bringing these services to another 20 major cities in the Southeast and Southwest, we’re creating new and innovative ways to help our clients offer fast, predictable delivery to their customers. As a result, we expect regional delivery to be an even bigger driver of volume growth for Pitney Bowes going forward.”

As part of its consultative approach, Pitney Bowes offers retailers and brands a comprehensive analysis of shipping volumes to determine which parcels are best suited for a regional service model, while continuing to maximize national volume tier discounts.

The company’s easy-to-use routing guides can be seamlessly integrated into a client’s shipping system, aiding in service selection.

The Designed Delivery service features a modular approach, offering optional first-mile transportation or drop-off at facilities to cater to regionalized delivery based on specific client needs.

Additionally, Pitney Bowes provides free multicarrier branded tracking tools, allowing retailers and brands to further tailor their consumer experience.

Designed Delivery is part of Pitney Bowes’ next-generation suite of services, designed to make ecommerce fulfillment, delivery, returns, and cross-border logistics easier for shippers.

It provides unparalleled flexibility, insight, transparency, and consultative support to meet the evolving demands of the ecommerce industry. Additional regions are in development.

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