Pitney Bowes PitneyShip Cube

Pitney Bowes Releases PitneyShip Cube on Amazon

Pitney Bowes has announced that its innovative product, the PitneyShip Cube, is now available on Amazon.

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This marks the first time that a Pitney Bowes product has been made directly available to consumers through an independent third-party retailer.

The PitneyShip Cube is a cutting-edge Wi-Fi enabled thermal shipping label printer with an integrated scale, and mobile printing capabilities via the included PitneyShip software, initially launched on PitneyBowes.com in November.

However, after a successful launch window through the company’s website, it can now be purchased directly from Amazon, reaching a wider audience of small business owners.

The PitneyShip Cube has received the Gold award at the 2022 International Design Awards, a prestigious recognition of excellence in product design that celebrates remarkable achievements in design across various industries, indicating its superior quality.

“We are excited to now offer the PitneyShip Cube direct to customers on Amazon,” said, Shemin Nurmohamed, President, Sending Technology Solutions, Pitney Bowes.“This innovative and award-winning product saves time, space, and costs while streamlining shipping for ecommerce and office shippers.”

Features of Pitney Bowes PitneyShip Cube

Equipped with the companion PitneyShip software, the PitneyShip Cube allows users to handle orders from retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, as well as weigh packages, compare shipping rates at discounted prices, print shipping labels and postage stamps, and track packages – all from a single, compact device that can be operated with either a mobile phone or computer.

The PitneyShip Cube comes with a 15-pound scale integrated into it and provides access to the PitneyShip Ecommerce Starter software plan. This software enables users to:

  • Save up to 89% off Priority Mail shipping and 86% off UPS rates
  • Weigh, print, and ship from a mobile phone or computer.
  • Send email tracking notifications automatically to recipients, including proof of delivery, for free.
  • Link Amazon, eBay, and Shopify stores to automatically import customer orders directly into their PitneyShip Ecommerce account.

To learn more how the PitneyShip Cube can help your business grow, see the Pitney Bowes website for more details. Click here to purchase the PitneyShip Cube on Amazon.

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