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PlantX Announces Launch of its eCommerce Platform in the UK

PlantX Life Inc is pleased to announce the expansion of the Company’s eCommerce platform to the United Kingdom.

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PlantX UK will launch under a new domain,, and will offer a similar PlantX experience as and provide in Canada and the United States, respectively. The new platform will feature an extensive assortment of plant-based goods, an ample indoor plant selection, and a variety of educational resources, including blogs and recipes. Additionally, will complement Bloomboxclub Limited, the Company’s UK-based eCommerce business that sells and delivers indoor plants across the United Kingdom and Germany.

To establish an effective supply chain infrastructure, the Company has partnered with Access Fulfillment, one of the leading fulfillment companies in the United Kingdom. Access Fulfillment has over 20,000 square feet of warehouse space with refrigeration capabilities, which it will use to ensure the centralized storage and distribution of the Company’s plant-based products across the United Kingdom.

“PlantX plans to introduce a wide selection of novel brands and products for the growing plant-based community in the United Kingdom”

“By offering consumers access to products that are new to the UK market, PlantX hopes to secure a competitive advantage in the dynamic plant-based retail ecosystem in the UK throughout and beyond the upcoming holiday season.”

Julia Frank, COO, PlantX.

The number of UK consumers shifting to a plant-based diet has almost doubled between 2008 and 2019, and the transition to plant-based living in the UK continues to accelerate, according to a recent study in Science of the Total Environment,  According to a 2020 market research report, the UK is seen as a global plant-based leader with the largest plant-based market in Europe. Sales of meat-free food are expected to reach £1.1 billion by 2024, a staggering increase from £582M in 2014.

“The expansion of PlantX is all about furthering the mission of bringing more plant-based options to as many people as possible,”

“Accessing the vast and flourishing UK market is an important part of our business plan and we see this as yet another step in the right direction.”

Sean Dollinger, Founder, PlantX

“Introducing new plant-based options to additional growing market segments is a recipe for success,”

“Having our eCommerce site operational in the UK is the next evolutionary step on our way to expanding across the globe, and we’re excited to serve this market segment.”

Lorne Rapkin, CEO, PlantX.

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