Poshmark Adds Pets Category to Marketplace – First Major Expansion Since IPO

Poshmark has launched a Pets category to address the needs of millions of pet owners who are seeking a simple, social and sustainable way to shop and sell. The launch demonstrates the scalability of Poshmark’s model and supports its long-term strategy to grow the business through category expansion.

Today, 67 percent of Americans are pet owners. This average grew exponentially over the course of 2020 due to a record number of COVID-19-era adoptions. The Poshmark community, following national pet-ownership averages, assumes approximately 21 million pets as family members. Poshmark’s community is growing, welcoming millions of these pet owners across the U.S. and Canada onto its social marketplace and pioneering its model of social shopping into another facet of commerce.

The Pets category will include a variety of new and secondhand pet accessories, supplies, toys, and other essentials for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and other pets. Shoppers can expect to discover and shop budget-friendly items that are stylish, personalized, and curated by Poshmark’s community of engaged sellers. Through this launch, pet owners can now experience the fun and social aspects of Poshmark while also connecting with a community of fellow Poshmark pet owners.

“Many members of the Poshmark community are proud pet owners, myself included, and it’s important that our social marketplace addresses the needs of the entire family. We’re excited to offer pet owners a fun and social way to shop, sell and connect in a way that builds community, considers personal styles and budgets, and drives sustainability.”

Tracy Sun, co-founder and senior vice president of new markets at Poshmark

New Category Fueled By Existing Demand

Even prior to the category’s formal launch, Poshmark has seen consistent purchases of pet toys, leashes, collars, harnesses, beds, and costumes. A sampling of pet items that will be available on Poshmark includes:

  • Accessories: collars, leashes, outfits, harnesses
  • Homes: cages, carriers, aquariums
  • Toys: everything from hamster wheels to feather wands
  • Grooming: brushes, shampoo, sprays
  • Mealtime: bowls, feeders
  • Sleep: beds, blankets

Members of the Poshmark community are encouraged to follow the hashtag #PoshPets. All pet items listed on Poshmark will be new or secondhand. In accordance with Poshmark’s Community Guidelines, all secondhand items will need to be clean and in good condition.

The pet industry for 2020 is estimated to have reached nearly $100 billion in annual sales in the US with no signs of slowing down. Poshmark’s entry into this industry is the most significant expansion the company has launched since becoming a public company earlier this year.

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