Poshmark video listing update

Poshmark Adds Video Functionality To Sellers’ Listings

Poshmark has just updated their platform to include the functionality to include video in their sellers’ product listings. Sellers can upload one video per listing at a maximum length of 15 seconds, sellers are also able to upload and select their cover image for the video.

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This video update follows an earlier release from last year where Poshmark released Posh Stories, and the new integration will also mean that newly posted listing video’s will automatically get posted to a sellers Posh Stories.

This functionality is perfect for the fashion sellers, as videos have proven to be very powerful to buyers so they can get a better idea of fit, drape and texture of a product before committing to buying it.

“Video is a massive business priority for Poshmark, as it has the ability to seamlessly bring commerce and content together in a very real, engaging and palpable way. With the company’s vision rooted in cultivating rich, meaningful experiences for its community, Poshmark is using video as a new channel to strengthen that engagement and build for the future of social commerce.”

Poshmark Statement

Just last month, the platform officially launched into the pets category, which includes new and secondhand pet accessories, supplies and toys for a variety of animals. The company stated that entering into a new product space demonstrates Poshmark’s long-term strategy to scale the company through category expansion. The online social commerce platform also expanded into the home category in the summer of 2019. 

Meanwhile, the company kicked off its IPO in January, trading under the symbol POSH. In its first quarterly report as a public company, Poshmark reported $69.3 million in net revenue —  a 27% revenue year-over-year increase.

At eSeller365 we think Poshmark is one of the most exciting new marketplaces in the eCommerce space and it’s great to see the continued development of the platform.

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