Poshmark Coming to The UK

Poshmark Job Posting Points at Launch of UK Marketplace Being Next

When Poshmark filed for its IPO, it said it one possible use of the proceeds would be to fund the expansion of the unique social commerce marketplace globally. This month the company opened up its third marketplace in Australia, and it now appears that its fourth marketplace is going to be the UK.

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In a job posting on its website, Poshmark is looking for a ‘Director of International Expansion, UK’ to oversee the launch of the marketplace in that country.

In addition to responsibilities for the position, Poshmark also lists anticipated accomplishments or goals for this job, suggesting that Poshmark UK could be operational within 6 months of filling the position.

Poshmark filed with The Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom a trademark for its name back in 2017, setting an early stage for a possible expansion to the UK.

The revelation that Poshmark is looking for a director to launch its UK marketplace falls in line with its stated goal of starting its international expansion with English-speaking countries. In some ways, it’s surprising that Poshmark went to Australia first as the UK is the third-largest eCommerce market globally, and Australia doesn’t even make the top 10.

Regardless, it seems there is a plan in place for the UK once the company finds the right person to head its expansion effort in this important eCommerce market.

Poshmark Job Listing Details

Here is what Poshmark says the role entails:

The ideal Director of International Expansion…

  • Is an inspirational leader who can champion a clear vision and plan
  • Understands how to recruit and nurture a passionate community, leveraging connections within the broader fashion industry
  • Exhibits strong judgment and accountability
  • Can effectively manage operations and marketing


  • Launch Poshmark UK and grow it into the largest community of fashion buyers and sellers in the country
  • Recruit influencers, resellers, local brands, and boutiques to be the foundation of a new Poshmark community and help them succeed
  • Build Poshmark awareness and drive user growth through events, influencer marketing, social media, and PR
  • Partner with local payment and shipping providers and the development team to continually refine the purchase and selling experience
  • Manage local and remote support and dispute teams to deliver fast, high-quality resolution of issues and questions
  • Tailor programming and merchandising to local consumer tastes and trends
  • Recruit and motivate a local UK team

6-Month Accomplishments

  • Smooth launch of Poshmark UK
  • Market and consumer analysis and insights
  • Coordinate all phases of launch preparation (engineering, shipping, payments, payouts, regulatory, tax, finance)
  • Pre-launch outreach to influencers and recruitment of community members
  • Pre-launch market awareness
  • Recruit and train local operational team
  • QA and refine end-to-end purchase to delivery experience

12+ Month Accomplishments

  • Strong initial adoption and growth of Poshmark UK
  • Healthy user cohort retention, buyer and seller activation, and social engagement
  • Rapid iteration and refinement of an advertising plan
  • Effective social, influencer, and PR programs
  • Retention and high productivity of the local UK team

There are no other job postings on Poshmark’s jobs board looking for a similar role in other countries. The UK job lists London as the location for the Director of International Expansion, UK position.

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